NAPL Top Managment Conference “TMC Update” #11: Transforming Your Company with Six Sigma, Lean, and Other Methodologies, 3/11/2007

NAPL, the trade association for excellence in graphic communications management, is pleased to present Episode #11 in a series of podcasts reporting “live from the scene” about the activities and speakers at NAPL’s Top Management Conference, taking place this week, March 7-11, in Santa Barbara.

Bob Kutschke

This podcast features a conversation with Bob Kutschke, General Manager, Business Workflow Product Group, Kodak Graphic Communications Group, about Six Sigma, Lean, and other operations improvement methodologies. The conversation is led by Cynthia Valentino, NAPL senior director of marketing and media relations.

Download the podcast here (21.0 mb stereo MP3 file, 15:19 duration).

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