NAPL Management Institute Podcast #2: Production Management Track

NAPL, the trade association for excellence in graphic communications management, is pleased to present the second in a series of podcasts about the activities and speakers at NAPL’s Management Institute, taking place August 11th through the 14th at an exciting new location, George Washington University in Washington, DC. This year, MI offers three comprehensive, concurrent courses: Sales Management, Production Management, and Financial Management.

In this episode, Tim Fischer of NAPL and Greg D’Amico, a graphics communications professor, discuss the production management track of the management institute.

Timothy Fischer is Executive Vice President & COO of NAPL. Tim is a printing industry veteran with nearly 20 years of graphic communications management experience in operations, finance, information systems, and general management. As chief operating officer of the graphic communications industry association, Tim has broad operational responsibilities, including oversight of the R&E; Council of NAPL and the association’s professional services group, as well as NAPL’s financial management. Tim has extensive background in graphic communications,providing operational and postacquisition consulting services for leading graphic communications companies.

Greg D’Amico

Gregory S. D’Amico is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the undergraduate program in Graphic Communications at Kean University in Union, New Jersey.

A recognized authority in graphic communications management issues, Dr. D’Amico serves as lead professor of the Production Management course at NAPL’s Management Institute and specializes in inhouse
management training, marketing and strategic planning through NAPL’s consulting services.

Dr. D’Amico is also the author of Customer-Centered Production, and numerous trade journal articles. He serves as a Board Member of NAPL and has recently been inducted into the graphic communications industry’s prestigious Soderstrom Society.

Susan Reif, NAPL’s senior director of organizational development, spoke with Tim and Greg at NAPL’s headquarters in Paramus, New Jersey.

Download the podcast here (22.3 mb stereo MP3 file, 16:15 duration).

For information on registering for Management Institute, call NAPL at (800) 642-6275, Option 2, or visit

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