More on John Bell's presentation from PRSA International Conference

Picking up where we left off with John Bell’s presentation, a few more highlights…

The Aveeno campaign included connecting people to the YouTube timelapse video of chalk artist Julian Beaver creating one of his outstanding 3D chalk sidewalk drawings. They created a Flickr gallery for the press and consumers, with the twin goal of activating the media, and also activating the Julian Beaver fanbase.

Making content shareable helps meet the key goals of engaging consumers through social media, giving people a voice, embracing third party messages, but also leveraging the ability of social media to enhance search engine positioning.

John really gets outstanding when he goes into the measurement metrics. His measurement suite includes the following elements:

Engagement and Reach
Page impressions
Time spent
Emails opened
Audio/video plays

Word of Mouth
# of mentions
# of posts
# of recommendations
# of mentions per user
# sent to friends

Earned Media

Search Visibility
Higher mentions
Share of search
3rd party

Customer/stakeholder feedback
Product sampling

The breadth of this measurement suite is really comprehensive. We should all be striving to provide this value to our clients in the overall evaluation of social media campaigns.

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