Middle Chamber Books Podcast #12: Interview with Ed Sherman of Nolo Press, author of "Make Any Divorce Better"

In Episode #12 of the Middle Chamber Books podcast, we present a conversation with Ed Sherman, author of Make Any Divorce Easier!

Sherman, an attorney, started the self-help law movement in 1971 with the establishment of Nolo Press.

Make Any Divorce Better!: Specific Steps to Make Things Smoother, Faster, Less Painful, and Save You a Lot of Money (Make Any Divorce Better!)

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Listen to the podcast here:

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  1. This is Ed Sherman with a big THANKS to Steve Lubetkin for his wonderful service. In gratitude, I’m offering my Free Guide to a Better Divorce to Steve’s audience. If you know anyone who is involved in a divorce, send them to http://www.nolodivorce.com where they can get their free divorce guide with specific steps that will make any divorce smoother, less painful and less expensive. This advice is based on over 35 years of experience with over 45,000 cases that mostly did not go to court.

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