Lubetkin's Other Blog Podcast for April 5, 2005


We present the latest Lubetkin’s Other Blog Podcast, a broadcast featuring a panel discussion about blogs and blogging from the Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey.

Show notes are below. The podcast file is large, but the sound quality, if I say so myself, is excellent stereo.

CramerSweeney Blogging Presentation Podcast
Show Notes
Marketing Resource Committee
Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey
April 5, 2005
The Mansion, Voorhees, Camden County, NJ

* Blogging Facts and Statistics
* What Is a Blog?
* Recent Worldwide Impacts of Blogging
* What Makes Blogs so Effective?
* How Blogs Can be Used – Enterprise Applications of Blogs
* Blogs about Business Blogging
* A Blog Chamber of Commerce?
* Blogging for Profit
* Create a Blog for Free
* Final Blogging Tips
Co-moderated by
Jenna Sweeney, president
CramerSweeney Instructional Design, the corporate training and e-learning division of CramerSweeney Marketing Communications
Sean M. Sweeney, chief executive officer
CramerSweeney Marketing Communications & chairman, CCSNJ’s Marketing Resource Committee

Profiles of Jenna and Sean from their company website.

Sean’s blog
: Advantage – The Smart Marketing Report – The Advertising and Public Relations Blog
Jenna’s blog: Corporate Training & e-Learning Blog – Latest news, thoughts, trends, reports, and links focused on learning, instruction and e-Learning in today’s corporate world.
Web Links and Resource References Mentioned in the Podcast

Recording and Editing Equipment

Olympus DS-2 stereo digital recorder: This portable digital recorder delivers stereo audio files in WMA format or the proprietary Olympus DSS format. It will also record directly to WAV files, but at a significant reduction in the available recording time.

We record the programs in WMA format to maximize the stereo recording time at about 2 hours and 15 minutes. The DS-2 connects to a PC with a USB cradle. We download the WMA files and convert them back to WAV for post editing.

For conversion to WAV files, we use dbPowerAmp Music Converter, which can convert in either direction from a wide range of audio file formats.

N-Track Studio: Our primary studio production recording software. This multitrack software allows visual editing of WAV files and contains extensive sound studio post production, equalization, and sound processing features.

Microphones: For our main studio microphones we’re using a matched set of Shure RS-130 vocal mikes, with a [discontinued] Realistic (Radio Shack) 32-1210 six channel mixer driving our Aureal soundcard.

InfoSelect 8.00.26: For preparation of show notes.

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