Lubetkin Ancestral Village of Ariogala
Lubetkin Ancestral Village of Ariogala

Follow the links to examine the family trees, which are hyperlinked so that you can explore the branches.

You’ll start with an index of individuals, or you can click on the Surname Index for each subfamily.

If you have information to add to the tree, email it to me and I will make the changes.

With the November 2005 update to the genealogy data, because of requests we received, we have removed details associated with living individuals. If you are a member of the family and have a legitimate research need for this information, please contact me privately.


Orel Liubetkin

Descendants and Allied Families

This is the main database of our genealogical research, consisting of all families associated with a descent from Orel Liubetkin and Jacob (Yakov) Lubetkin of Kaunas (Kovno), born in 1820, died after 1901. Jacob’s sons formed the basis for the major Lubetkin branches in New York and New Jersey. 

This database now incorporates our Uruguayan Lubetkin branch, because we know where the linkage is.


Solomon Grossbart

Descendants and Allied Families

The Grossbart family connected with the Lubetkins when Eva Grossbart, my grandmother, married Abraham Lubetkin, my grandfather.

Morris Schram

Descendants and Allied Families

Check here for descendants of Morris Schram, including Kirschners, Glassmens and Rosens. Much of this data, now linked in our master database, is courtesy of Don Rosen, my cousin in California.


Descendants and Allied Families

My wife Judy’s paternal family line. Patriarch was “Baruch Kissalefsky” but is listed in ship manifest as “Kisr Lafksy” who arrived in the US in 1910. More research is being done.


Descendants and Allied Families

Judy’s maternal family line.

Aaron Lubetkin

Descendants and Allied Families

The genealogy of Aaron Lubetkin, father of Berthold Lubetkin, famous Russian-born architect who founded the modernist school of architecture in England.

Visit the Centre for Architecture, the web site for architectural history, devoted to the achievements of Berthold Lubetkin and his generation.


Wolf Garfunkel

Descendants and Allied Families

These are the descendants of Wolf Garfunkel, two of whom married into the Lubetkin family. The data presented here is compiled from separate genealogical projects created  by B. Julian Garfunkel and Phillip Goldmann

Lubetkins in South America


Two branches of the Lubetkin family emigrated to South America. The Argentina line is still in a separate database because we haven’t found the link yet.

Labeh Lubetkin

Descendants and Allied Families

Descendants and allied families of Labeh Lubetkin, of Byten region of Poland. Most famous as an ancestor of Ziviah Lubetkin Zuckerman.

Zadig Sussman

Descendants and Allied Families

Zadig Sussman’s descendant Rae ROSANSKY married Bernard Lubetkin, son of Max LUBETKIN. The Sussman tree was originally prepared by Dr. Laurence J. Rosan, a great-grandchild of Dora SUSSMAN Reich.

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