Lubetkin on Communications Podcast, 1/14/2016: A Conversation with Gregory Weber, Garden State Press Clipping Service

In a digital age, is there still a demand for a traditional newspaper clipping service? For Gregory Weber, owner of Garden State Press Clipping Service, the answer for more than 40 years has been a resounding “yes!”

Gregory Weber, owner of Garden State Press Clipping Service.
Gregory Weber, owner of Garden State Press Clipping Service.

Gregg has been operating the company since 1989, when he took over from his father, who started the company in the 1960s. In this interview, Gregg describes the kinds of monitoring and analysis services GSPCS offers, and how the changes in the newspaper industry are changing the way his firm delivers services to clients. He also discusses his new role as executive director of the Jersey Shore Public Relations and Advertising Association.

The Lubetkin on Communications podcast features interviews, conversations, and panel discussions of topics in the communications, journalism, and public relations fields. If you are interested in becoming a guest on the program, email Steve Lubetkin.

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