Lubetkin earns legal video certification from National Court Reporters Association

Steve Lubetkin, managing partner of The Lubetkin Media Companies, has earned the Certified Legal Video Specialist designation from the National Court Reporters Association, of which he is a member. Steve has been recording legal deposition videos for more than two years, and pursued the certification credential to reinforce his reputation for professional video productions with members of the legal community.

“I have been a strong supporter of professional accreditation and certification all my career,” said Lubetkin. “Earning the CLVS reassures my video clients of the professionalism and expertise I provide them, both within and outside the legal field. NCRA provides an avenue for professional development and continuing education about new practices and technologies in the legal video field.”

The CLVS designation is awarded to legal videographers after participating in a training seminar and passing a written examination and a production test in which they must demonstrate their knowledge of deposition procedures, including pre-deposition setup and preparation of cameras, microphones, and recording equipment. Earning the CLVS certification acknowledges a high-level of skill and understanding of knowledge related to all facets of videotaping, court proceedings and judicial procedures, and indicates that the CLVS holder has the ability to deliver accurate and timely finished video product.

“Video specialists are in high demand in court proceedings nationwide. A CLVS is an expert in understanding how to set-up and capture the necessary information needed by parties to a case in a video format,” says Mike Nelson, CAE, executive director and CEO of NCRA. “They are highly trained in working with video equipment to provide accurate and vital records in this type of specialized format.”



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