Lubetkin Communications Launches Weblog and Internet Broadcasting Practice;Will Develop Blogging and Podcasting Strategies for Clients


Steven L. Lubetkin, Managing Partner

Lubetkin Communications Launches Weblog and Internet Broadcasting Practice;
Will Develop Blogging and Podcasting Strategies for Clients

CHERRY HILL, NJ – April 18, 2005 – Lubetkin & Co. Communications LLC, a diversified communications consultancy here, has introduced a “blogging and podcasting” practice for its clients, the firm announced.
“Blogs,” or weblogs, are chronological diary/journals published to a website. They are often written by corporate executives to share day-to-day insights into their businesses, and to open a two-way dialogue with customers and others interested in their products and services.
“Podcasts” are recorded audio programs delivered via the Internet to listeners who can download the audio files to their Apple Ipods or other digital audio devices.
Both blogs and podcasts can be delivered automatically to subscribers through the use of technology called “Really Simple Syndication,” or RSS.
“We’ve been experimenting with leading edge technologies like these since dumb terminals attached to minicomputers ushered in the earliest days of the information revolution in the 1970s,” said Steven L. Lubetkin, managing partner of Lubetkin & Co. “We believe that expertise uniquely positions Lubetkin & Co. to provide strategic insights into the appropriate ways to integrate weblogs and podcasts into a company’s overall communications program.”
To enable clients and prospective clients to experience blogs and podcasts directly, Lubetkin & Co. has launched three blogs and associated podcasts.
“Lubetkin’s Other Blog,” features Steve’s personal commentary on the news media, journalism, and public relations, at The blog also includes an audio podcast that visitors can download as MP3 audio files. Among recent podcasts are recorded presentations at conferences and seminars on public relations.
A second blog, “CompuSchmooze,” at, supplements Lubetkin’s monthly column on technology in the Jewish Community Voice of Southern New Jersey, a newspaper reaching some 40,000 subscribers. The CompuSchmooze podcasts feature interviews with technology company executives associated with products and services profiled in the CompuSchmooze column. More information is at

The third blog, “Lubetkin Broadcasting,” will allow clients to distribute their news releases and digital content by taking advantage of the RSS syndication system to deliver releases, audio news actualities and interviews, and digital photos directly to news media subscribing to the feed.
All three blogs are RSS-distributed through the web distribution. Subscribers using RSS reader software can subscribe to the blogs at,, and
Lubetkin is a veteran corporate communications executive for Fortune 100 companies. His firm specializes in strategic communications advice for corporate clients, executives, and other organizations. Clients include a national retailer and an international professional association. Its website is

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