Lubetkin Communications Corporate Photojournalism Service Achieves third Smart Business magazine cover photo

The April 2008 Smart Business magazine cover story features Gerald Schreiber, founder of J&J; Snack Foods Corporation, Pennsauken, Camden County, New Jersey.

And illustrating the cover is our photo of Gerry during a recent tour of the plant.

This is our third cover photo since we began shooting for Smart Business last year.

Earlier covers depicted Judy Spires of Acme Markets and John Grierson, president of the Delaware Valley Division of Pulte Homes. You can see these covers on our Photojournalism page. (Another photo of Judy Spires made during the same session was used to illustrate a profile in the print edition of SNJ Business People, but it’s not on their website yet.)

We’re thrilled to be providing our corporate photojournalism services to a high quality, locally oriented business publication.

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