LOC Podcast #44: A Conversation with Robert Frye, International Protocol Expert

In this episode of the podcast, we present an in-studio conversation with Robert W. Frye, CPP, former director of international client relations and chief of protocol with AT&T and Lucent Technologies.
Bob’s 25+ year career includes planning and directing more than 4,000 senior level marketing and government visits to the United States involving CEOs, boards of directors, ambassadors, ministers, current and former heads of state, and royalty. In 2003, he served as head of the office of protocol for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq following Operation Iraqi Freedom. In that role, he coordinated fact-finding visits to Iraq by members of the US Congress and Senate.

In 1995 Bob was selected to conduct protocol and cross cultural training for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, The State of Georgia, and the Atlanta City Council in connection with the 1996 Olympic Games.

Bob currently conducts International Protocol and Cross Cultural workshops for Saint Joseph’s University Executive MBA Program, The American University Business Council for International Understanding, Washington, DC, and the United States Air Force Air University, Maxwell AFB.  He also delivers numerous protocol lectures and speeches to corporations and associations including the Los Angeles and Philadelphia World Affairs Councils, The Southern Center for International Studies, as well as multiple engagements for Delta Airlines and Motorola.

Bob, a  Certified Protocol Professional and Certified Meeting Professional, has been featured in articles in the New York Times Sunday business magazine, The American Express Travel and Leisure Magazine, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.  He is a member of the board of directors of the Philadelphia International Visitors Council and the New York Council of Protocol Executives.

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  1. Podcast listeners may also be interested in a recent protocol article titled “Is Protocol part of your competitive mix? Why not?” listed on the Philadelphia International Visitors Council Website at: http://www.ivc.org/bob_fry_protocol

    More articles to follow on Protocol seating, name badges (“the good, the bad and the ugly”), executive dining, working with interpreters, flags and more.

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