LOC Podcast #42: Ethical Public Relations Practice, a conversation with Ann Subervi of Utopia Communications, 2/17/2010

Ann Subervi
Ann Subervi
Some critics of public relations practice suggest that it’s an oxymoron to mention ethical behavior and public relations in the same sentence. Our guest on this episode of the Lubetkin on Communications Podcast disagrees with that criticism – vehemently and successfully.
We present a conversation with Ann Subervi, president and CEO of Utopia Communications, a public relations agency dedicated to the proposition that public relations can be practiced “ethically, transparently and with the highest of principles.”
Ann is the 2010 chair of the PRSA Counselors’ Academy, and a leading advocate of principled, socially responsible public relations practice. She blogs about ethical issues in public relations at The Ethical Optimist Blog.
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  1. Thanks for sharing Steve. I think ethics are a huge part of Public Relations. If we act ethically PR doesn't have much to worry about. I always feel bad that PR generally serves as the clean up. I love this post.

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