LOBP#31: PRSA/Philadelphia Presentation: Philadelphia Inquirer's Business Coverage with Business Editor Tony Gnoffo

This podcast features a presentation by Tony Gnoffo, recently named business editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer. The program was recorded June 12 at the PRSA/Philadelphia Chapter luncheon at the Union League Club in Philadelphia. After Tony’s presentation, he takes questions from the audience of PR professionals in a Q&A session moderated by PRSA/Philadelphia Chapter vice president Jonathan Morein.

Maribeth Roman Schmidt introduces Tony Gnoffo, business editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer

Tony Gnoffo makes a point during his presentation

Tony responds to an audience question while Jonathan Morein looks on.

Download the podcast here (119 mb stereo MP3 file, 01:26:46 duration).

Send comments to steve@professionalpodcasts.com or call podcast comment line, +1-206-333-1263.

Time Codes

00:00:00 – 00:01:32 Steve Lubetkin introduces the program

00:01:32 – 00:02:03 Seat belt safety public service announcement by New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine

00:02:28 – 00:10:20 Maribeth Roman Schmidt, PRSA/Philadelphia president, introduces the program.

00:10:30 – 00:25:17 Tony Gnoffo’s presentation

00:25:17 – 01:25:40 Q&A with Tony Gnoffo and Jonathan Morein and Maribeth Roman Schmidt

01:25:40 – END Steve Lubetkin closes the podcast with houskeeping information, email address and podcast comment line.

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