LOBP #9: Thomas Doll, EVP & CFO of Subaru of America

Thomas J. Doll, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Subaru of America, was the keynote speaker on Thursday, September 15, 2005, at the Rutgers University School of Business (Camden) Executive Breakfast Series, held at the Tavistock Country Club, Haddonfield, NJ. This podcast features Mr. Doll’s remarks. (61 mb, 48:30, stereo audio file.



  1. Steve,Thank you for recording this speech and offering it as a podcast. As I wrote about in my blog I thought it was a very fascinating and well-done talk. Mr. Doll is to be commended for his openness and honesty. Having driven only Subarus for most of 20 years, it was an extremely interesting glimpse into the history of the company.I was, however, struck by the irony of having a podcast by the head of a company whose main vehicle, the Outback, no longer allows the customer the option of installing an aftermarket radio and thereby getting iPod connectivity better than an FM transmitter. (And Subaru does not yet provide their own option.) More details, including why I am now NOT driving a Subaru, are in the post on my blog.Anyway, thanks again for providing a podcast of this speech. It was very interesting to hear. Please do keep things like this coming.Regards,Dan

  2. I am four-time Subaru buyer and on the last purchase of an 07 Forester I am getting a hard time from the dealer, Raffertty Subaru of Edgemont PA. The car has had brake binding symptoms since new and getting Rafferty to deal with this equitably has been impossible so far, any suggestions?

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