LOBP #10: Lubetkin's Other Blog Podcast — A Special Interview, John Deveney, ABC, APR, president of Deveney Communications, New Orleans

In this special podcast, produced in cooperation with the Public Relations Society of America, we interview John Deveney, ABC, APR, president of Deveney Communications. John and his team had to evacuate from the affected area after Hurricane Katrina struck, and recently returned to New Orleans to help coordinate media relations in the crisis operations center of the New Orleans Travel and Tourism Bureau. He is still coping with the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.

In this podcast, John describes the evacuation experience, the implementation of his firm’s hurricane evacuation protocol, and the lessons learned from the experience. He provides advice for public relations practitioners reevaluating their own firms’ crisis communications preparedness.

For more information on hurricane and disaster relief activities being undertaken by the Public Relations Society of America, visit http://www.prsa.org.

Theme Music: The New World Relámpagos, El Arlequín de Toledo, from GarageBand.com

LOBP #10 – 34:05, 47.9mb stereo.

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