LNJ2007-4: Forum on the Future of New Jersey, Panel 3: The National and International View (from 10,000 feet)

Leadership New Jersey, a public policy training program for executives is pleased to present these podcasts from this year’s “Forum on the Future of New Jersey. These podcasts were recorded at the studios of New Jersey Network in Trenton on October 25, 2007.

From left: Nick Montalto, Diversity Dynamics; Tom Morr, Select Greater Philadelphia; Jay Biggins of Biggins Lacy Shapiro, a location economics firm; Tom Tauke, EVP of Public Affairs, Policy and Communications of Verizon; and moderator Kathy Kish of MarketEntry.

Photo copyright ©2007 Steven L. Lubetkin. All rights reserved.

In this program: Panel 3: The National and International View (from 10,000 feet)
Leading Corporations discuss the challenges they face in remaining in the state. Moderator, Kathy Kish. Panelists: Tom Tauke of Verizon. Panelists: Jay Biggins, Biggins Lacy Shapiro; Nick Montalto, Diversity Dynamics; and Tom Morr, Select Greater Philadelphia.

Download the podcast here (98.4 mb MP3 file, 01:11:43 duration).

This conference was live-blogged. Read the live-blog summary of this program segment here.

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Produced in the studios of Professional Podcasts LLC, Cherry Hill, NJ.

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