LMC Covers Public Banking Conference in Philadelphia

LMC provided multicamera coverage of the Public Banking Institute’s “Public Banks for Public Works” Conference October 18, 2014 at the Friends Center in Philadelphia. The all-day conference included a keynote presentation by Harold Meyerson, columnist for the Washington Post, and panel discussions featuring experts in creating and driving interest in public banks, including Ellen Brown, widely credited as the founder of the public banking movement, promoting alternatives in the banking/financial sector that might empower regional governments, Main Street, and the middle class instead of relying on Wall Street and big commercial banks.

Walt McRee, Pennsylvania Public Bank Project
Walt McRee, Pennsylvania Public Bank Project

“It rather amazed me that so much work (our four camera shoot )was getting done so thoroughly and professionally by just one guy,” says Walt McRee, head of the Pennsylvania Public Banking Project, our client contact for this production. “The final product, with its multiple angles, made the content easily watchable by taking advantage of interesting camera angles and using the facility features to best advantage. Adapting PowerPoint slide material in split screen shots with live action is another way that the editor’s eye helped make this project more successful. Steve’s a pro — he’s mastered his craft and the medium.”

In addition to multiple camera edits, we also incorporated our speaker/slide presentation technology from Red Giant Presto, which places speaker and slides on screen simultaneously and in perfect synchronization.



You can watch the videos in the players below. Visit the Public Banking Institute website for more information.

Video 1: Opening and Keynote from Harold Meyerson

 Video 2: Public Banking Overview – Ellen Brown

Video 3: Leonore Palladino discusses student debt

Video 4: Panel Discussion, the ABCs of Banking

Video 5: Panel Discussion, Building the New Economy

Video 6: Public Banking Advocacy and Communications, with Gwen Hallsmith, executive director of the Public Banking Institute

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