Live-blogging Leadership New Jersey’s Forum on the Future of New Jersey

  We are on location in the Trenton studios of New Jersey Network, recording podcasts and preparing to live-blog Leadership New Jersey‘s Forum on the Future of New Jersey. It’s a full-day seminar and town hall meeting at which public policy participants and corporate executives exchange views on the best practices that will help New Jersey government deal with the many complex issues it faces.

Today’s panels come on the heels of a new Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey poll that says nine out of 10 New Jerseyans think government should be overhauled at all levels. The poll’s author, Patrick Murray, director of the Polling Institute at Monmouth University, is one of the speakers at the Forum today, so hearing his findings first-hand should be interesting.

You can get more information about today’s event on the Forum’s website. This year, the event is also being live-streamed in video by New Jersey Network.

We’ll be watching for citizens with pitchforks and torches descending on the nearby state capitol building.

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