Lead singer/producer Zeeshan Zaidi of Indie Band “The Commuters” on Middle Chamber Podcast

CommutersphotoZeeshan Zaidi, lead singer and producer of the New York-based indie rock band The Commuters, joins Steve Lubetkin on this edition of the Middle Chamber Books and Music Podcast.

From The Commuters’ website:

Before forming the Commuters in 2010, Canadian-born, Philippines-raised frontman Zeeshan Zaidi (whose parents were born in Pakistan and India) spent many years in the music industry. His early accomplishments included producing and engineering Grammy-nominated artist Ryan Leslie’s first demo, and he subsequently worked in the marketing departments of major labels in New York helping to develop the careers of other versatile artists, including OutKast and Cee Lo Green. During this time, Zaidi was also honing his craft as a singer, songwriter and musician, performing around New York’s open mic circuit.

When the time arrived to put his own abilities as a performer front and center, he immediately shared a dozen demos of his songs with childhood friend, New York-based producer and soon-to-be Commuters guitarist Uri Djemal, who was also raised in the Philippines (by parents of Israeli and American descent). The two got to work co-producing Zaidi’s songs at Djemal’s Madpan Studios in Manhattan, where Djemal had produced many well-known artists in New York’s indie-rock scene. Says Zaidi: “Uri’s studio was a few blocks from my apartment and he was telling me for years to come work on my songs there. One day — when I knew it was time — I just walked over and we started.”

Soon, they were joined by Djemal’s previous collaborator, Ben Zwerin on bass and Paul Amorese behind the drums, solidifying the current lineup.

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