Jim Long and Steve Lubetkin

Jim Long and Steve Lubetkin
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NewMediaJim (Jim Long of NBC News) was an active participant in panels and conversations during the New Communications Forum, a great contributor of insights into the convergence of new and old media, and a generally gregarious guy, which is no big surprise based on his video blog entries, his QIK videos, and his Utterz.

In a forthcoming Lubetkin’s Other Blog Podcast, we’ll have excerpts from the panel I moderated on the changing face of journalism, which included Jim, Tom Foremski from Silicon Valley Watcher blog, online editors Randy Keith from the San Jose Mercury, and Andria Carter of New Jersey’s own Trentonian, and Neil Chase, Vice President, Author Services, Federated Media.

This photo of me and Jim by Leticia Gomes. More of Leticia’s photo coverage at http://flickr.com/photos/helloleticia/

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