Interview about podcasting appears on the Marketing Safari blog

I met Hjörtur Smárason through LinkedIn initially, when I was trolling the web looking for corporate sponsors for a series of podcasts we’re producing from the International Association of Online Communicators meeting that took place June 11-13 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Hjörtur graciously recommended several clients and acquaintances in the Icelandic business community who he thought might be interested in the project.

We began a regular correspondence via email and Twitter that culiminated in a face-to-face "Tweet-Up" when I was in Reykjavik. We previously posted this photo of me, Hjörtur (right), and Belgian new media expert Luc Van Braekel:

Now,  Hjörtur has posted an interview with me about podcasting on his Marketing Safari blog. We will be producing a podcast in the next few weeks with Hjörtur about the state of social media in Iceland and the other countries where he practices.

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