International Executives Group discusses ‘Developing Dynamic Global Partnerships’ at GPSEG event

Janice Giannini of Paradigm Associates LLC
Janice Giannini of Paradigm Associates LLC

The International Executives sub-group of the Greater Philadelphia Senior Executives Group has produced its second video podcast with Lubetkin Global Communications, on “Developing Dynamic Global Partnerships.” You can watch the presentation by Janice Giannini of Paradigm Associates LLC in the player below.

Janice’s topic, “Developing Dynamic Global Partnerships,” led to a very robust discussion among the members present. It’s also a very appropriate topic in our much wired and increasingly shrinking home planet. Participants also discussed the challenges that organizations face when they need to work on projects with disparate cultural teams.

We also talked about how building relationships with globally positioned partners, vendors, service providers and employees poses significant cultural challenges that organizations must resolve to be competitive on a global scale.




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  1. I am working as a consultant with several related international nonprofit cultural projects that should be of interest to the members of this group. Who can I send information?

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