I used to go to events like this…

Somewhere, there must be a school where they teach business executives to think that forced “cute activities” are great teambuilding exercises.

They pile you into a bus to go do a day’s worth of charity in a section of town you’d never visit on your own. They make you wear special shirts and work in teams to solve some pretend problem.

They encourage people to write poetry about how much they love their jobs.

It’s like the Stockholm Syndrome for corporate life. Everyone is such a scared hostage, so afraid that they might get a pink slip that they will happily drink any Kool-Aid, play any ridiculous role-playing game that the HR people hire a high-priced consultant to “facilitate,” just to give themselves a chance to survive another day.

It keeps getting worse. Now, they make you sit in a meeting after a merger that you know is going to result in thousands of people being fired and listen to a song someone wrote about the merger.

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