Help a reporter, help yourselves!

Peter Shankman, the New York publicity maven and author of Can We Do That?, a book describing how to create effective outrageous publicity stunts, has moved his "If I can help a reporter out I will" service for PR pros off of Facebook as the list of participants is bumping up against FB limits on the size of a mailing list.

Peter gets a lot of calls from media types looking for people to interview. Sometimes, he says, he just doesn’t have a client who fits theirneeds, so he throws it out to the immediate world of PR people that he has invited into If I Can Help. Sometimes he asks people to route the requests through him, and sometimes you can contact the reporter directly.

He asked folks to publicize the fact that the service has moved, so there, consider it publicized.

You can join Peter’s newest iteration of Help a reporter at

If you want to hear more about how he got it started, and his book and a bunch of other stuff, listen to our Middle Chamber Books podcast interview with Peter here.

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