Hard to believe we missed this when it was posted…

Last summer, I attended BlogPhiladelphia, the first of two social media "un-conferences" held in the City of Brotherly Love. While there I recorded several interviews with bloggers, tech gurus, and other participants, which have made their way into some of our podcasts.

I also got interviewed about podcasting by some guys with Ziddio.com, but I never managed to find where they posted the video. Yesterday, a random video search brought it up through the AOL video portal. Amazingly, a Google search on "Lubetkin" never surfaced it (like most people, I probably didn’t drill down through enough pages, but what does that say about the success of Ziddio’s SEO capabilities — and it can’t be a question of financial resources, since they are closely connected to, if not wholly owned by Comcast!)

Anyway, here’s my Ziddio about Podcasting 101 and why we like making high quality podcasts for our clients. Enjoy.


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