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ConEdison Development Solar Farm Groundbreaking, 10/20/2010

ConEdison Development and Panda Power Funds broke ground on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 for the largest solar farm in the northeast, a 71,000 panel installation that will generate more than 20 megaWatts of electricity when operation begins in the second quarter of 2011.

Government officials joined company officials at the ceremony. These audio actualities were recorded at the event and are cleared for broadcast and Internet use. Please credit Garden State Radio as the source.


Robert Mennella, Chief Operating Officer, Con Edison Development

  1. Mennella describes the significance of the project for Con Edison Development. (00:12 outcue …is a great thing)
  2. Mennella sums up the importance of the project for energy independence and clean energy goals. (00:14 outcue …great step towards that.)

Mark Noyes, Vice President, Con Edison Development

  1. Noyes describes the timetable for beginning and completing construction of the solar farm. (00:15 outcue …commercial operation.)

Todd Carter, President, Panda Power Funds

  1. Panda is excited to be investing in New Jersey and calls the state the model for the rest of the country on renewable energy policy. (00:33 outcue …to be here.)
  2. Carter says the project represents a number of benefits for New Jersey and the Northeast. (00:16 outcue …very proud of it.)
  3. Carter says the state of New Jersey has done a lot to promote solar projects and create a favorable investment environment for companies like Panda. (00:31 outcue …for its renewable push.)

Stephen Sweeney, New Jersey State Senate President

  1. Sweeney1 – New Jersey State Senate President Stephen Sweeney describes how New Jersey will be the leader in green energy jobs in the country. (0:08, outcue …in this country).
  2. Sweeney2 – The project draws attention to New Jersey’s efforts to develop green jobs, and the legislation Sweeney has supported to encourage investment in green jobs and clean energy. (00:37 outcue …into these green jobs.)
  3. Sweeney3 – The project is very significant for Southern New Jersey especially, because it takes the place of a planned housing development. (00:27 outcue …it means a lot for the region)

State DEP Commissioner Bob Martin

  1. Martin1 – Martin says Governor Christie recognizes the importance of a clean energy agenda. (00:13 outcue …in this economy.)
  2. Martin2 – Martin says the state is pleased that ConEdison and Panda have invested in the state. (00:17 outcue …as we go forward.)

Lee Ware, director, Salem County Board of Freeholders

  1. Ware1 – Freeholder director Ware says the project helps Salem County meet economic and energy needs as well as preserving farmland. (00:32 outcue …innovative project such as this.)

Mayor Edward Kille, Pilesgrove Township

  1. Mayor Kille (pronounced KIHL lee) says the township is happy because the solar farm is more environmentally friendly than the original plan to build houses on the site. (00:16 outcue …instead of 80 homes.)
  2. Mayor Kille says he’s looking forward to visiting the solar farm to watch one particular thing — how much power it’s generating. (00:03 outcue …all that voltage [LAUGHS])

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