FW: Linda Eagle, President of The Edcomm Group, financial industry observer, available to comment on TD BankNorth/Hudson United Bank merger

THE NEWS EVENT: TD BankNorth, a division of Toronto Dominion Bank, has agreed to acquire Mahwah, NJ based Hudson United Bank, an estimated $2 billion merger. Hudson United Bank has 208 branches in New Jersey.

WHO: Linda Eagle, Ph.D., president of The Edcomm Group, is an independent banking industry expert available to comment on this merger and the continued consolidation in the banking industry.

DR. EAGLE’S EXPERTISE: Dr. Eagle has extensive expertise in bank industry training, information security, and bank regulatory issues. She has appeared on CNN Money, Comcast Cable’s CN8 network’s “Money Matters Today” and many other shows, as a reliable, independent expert on banking issues and trends. She is a frequent speaker at the American Bar Association’s Business Section meetings, and has appeared often on National Public Radio.

Dr. Eagle would be a valuable resource for your reporting on a range of topics, such as: compliance; risk management; customer service, operations,  productivity and quality, teller, platform, ATM, call center, workplace safety; code-of-conduct; acquisitions and mergers; cost savings; evaluating employee efficiency leadership; communication; retail banking; sales and services; EEO; identity theft and fraud prevention/phishing; and conversions.

Dr. Eagle also frequently addresses such subjects as distance learning, adult education, technological advances in training and education, and business solutions. Linda’s educational background in psychology and communications, and her experience with major banks and corporations, give her unique insight into the practical application of training and communication programs that provide measurable benefits.  

THE EDCOMM GROUP’S BACKGROUND: The Edcomm Group is a multimedia education and communication firm specializing in the banking industry. For nearly two decades, The Edcomm Group has delivered outstanding bank training solutions to hundreds of banks – from Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Wachovia — to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and to more than 200 banks all over the country.

The Edcomm Group develops training programs focused on productivity; customer service; and a wide range of bank regulatory and compliance issues, helping clients achieve bottom-line results.

CONTACT INFORMATION: I’d like very much to arrange for you to speak with Linda, either in person or via phone, to establish a working relationship that would help make her a useful resource as you cover banking industry stories.  Linda would also be pleased to be a guest commentator or panel member for any upcoming surveys you might be planning. Please let me know if you’d like to set up a meeting or a phone conversation with Linda.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please visit http://www.edcomm.com/ and www.bankersacademy.com.

RADIO NEWS DIRECTORS, PLEASE NOTE: If you are not able to arrange to interview Dr. Eagle, we will have MP3 audio actualities available Wednesday afternoon on our RSS feed. Please point your newsroom feed reader at the following RSS stream: http://feeds.feedburner.com/lubetkinbroadcasting. We provide audio actualities for broadcast use at no cost to radio stations.

Thanks very much and take good care!

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