What are podcasts and why does my business need them?

Podcasts are radio or TV programs recorded using digital technology and then distributed using your company’s website and a technology called RSS (sometimes called “a feed”) that alerts people to new content if they are interested in your programs.

Audio and video podcasts can help customers, employees, and prospects learn about your business, your thought leadership, your subject matter expertise.

The mainstream news media, especially terrestrial broadcasters, have a difficult time incorporating busines content of any substance in their programming. By creating podcasts of your business activities, you can control the distribution of the content.

Your company becomes its own media.

So that’s it, podcasts are radio and TV shows? Will people watch?

Absolutely! People are using the Internet every day to find solutions to their business problems. We can help you produce engaging, interesting radio and TV shows about your business that will position you as an expert in your field.

How do people find my podcasts?

We help you get your podcasts noticed. Most importantly, we use the right tools to add keywords to your podcasts that help search engines like Google find them and deliver them to people searching for that kind of content.

Podcasts help you gain dramatic improvement in your search engine visibility.

Are podcasts expensive?

Not necessarily. We have a range of pricing options based on production volumes, and sponsorship and underwriting approaches you can consider.

My IT people say they don’t have room on our server for audio and video files.

We don’t host your content on your servers unless you want it there. We have content distribution networks that feed the content into your website. We will provide links you can place on your website that will let visitors download your content or play it in a player right on your site. This has no significant impact on your network’s bandwidth or on storage space on your network file servers, because the content is not stored there.

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