Foundations Community Partnership Executive Director Ron Bernstein Interviewed on Comcast Newsmakers

This video, redistributed with permission from Comcast, is an interview with Ron Bernstein, executive director of Foundations Community Partnership, a behavioral health organization in Bucks County, PA.

FCP aspires to be a catalyst for improving the quality of life in Bucks County. We are committed to developing community-focused, youth-based service learning opportunities, providing grants and scholarships, and supporting community education, research and training.

FCP promotes innovative services to improve the lives of residents in the community, with a special emphasis on young people. We are forging active partnerships with the public and private sectors to continue the community-based programs started by our predecessor organization, Foundations Behavioral Health, with the goal of creating new initiatives. With our commitment to identifying needs and problem solving, we will communicate and deliver these services through research, education, publication and collaborative approaches.

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