Flaster/Greenberg Environmental Seminar, Segment 5: Presumptive Remedies and Mandatory Timeframes

Flaster/Greenberg’s Environmental Law Practice is pleased to present this series of video podcasts based on our seminar, “Navigating the SRRA: A Practical Approach,” held November 18, 2009 in our Cherry Hill, NJ, conference center.

Under the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA), New Jersey regulators are implementing dramatic changes in the remediation of contaminated sites. The NJDEP is formulating the details of how this new law will be applied.

Based on continuing talks with NJDEP personnel and private consultants, who will be “Licensed Site Professionals” standing in the shoes of regulators, Flaster/Greenberg’s environmental attorneys provide in-depth analysis on what to expect as the SRRA goes into effect.

In this segment, Donna Urban, a shareholder with Flaster/Greenberg, and Kathi Stetser, principal geologist with Roux Associates, discuss presumptive remedies and mandatory timeframes in the SRRA process.

Watch the video podcast in this player:

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