Family Continues Search and Rescue Effort for NJ Man, Joe Dunsavage

VIDEO UPDATED 12:15pm 5/19/2009 to add Joe Dunsavage Search and Rescue Bank Account number and bank routing information.


Joe Dunsavage, an Edison NJ resident, remains missing at sea since disappearing off Roatan Island, Honduras a week ago Sunday. Military search and rescue efforts have been called off, but Dunsavage’s family continues to pay for search efforts out of their own pocket, appealing for donations and information from the worldwide Internet community. Steve Lubetkin of Professional Podcasts interviews Joe Dunsavage’s brother Jeff, and father Ed, who are spearheading the search efforts.

The bank information for the Joe Dunsavage SAR Fund is:

Wachovia Bank
acct #:  1010231145095
routing #: 021200025

Contact information for Joe Dunsavage’s family

Jeff Dunsavage, brother
cell phone +1-732-306-5854
Twitter: @SustainableSeas


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