Effective Tactics During a Product Recall: A Case Study of the Menu Foods Pet Food Recall

Melissa Bass of Rowan University (with microphone) is presenting her Master’s thesis research on product recalls. She’s a graduate student at Rowan University.

She reviewed the Menu Foods pet food recall and her survey of pet owners about how they got information.

37% of survey respondents were older, yet still went to the Internet for information about the recall. Only 8% were between 18-35, and all used the Internet for their information.

Consumers remain confident in pet food industry. Despite early chaos in the recalls, once consumers were able to get information about specific brands that were affected, it helped alleviate concerns. People did not switch brands. Also, most people used dry foods which were only recalled as a precaution but were not affected by the issue. Small percentage actually didn’t use affected brands but cooked their own pet food.

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