CompuSchmooze: ComputerWorld lists five reasons HP’s Mark Hurd resigned

Mark Hurd, HP's former CEO
Mark Hurd, HP's former CEO

The big tech story this week may be about more than just another CEO caught in a romantic entanglement with a vendor, according to 5 reasons HP’s Mark Hurd resigned in the latest issue of ComputerWorld. The trade magazine suggests that the H-P board thinks it needs a leader with “Steve Jobs DNA” for the next phase of the company’s development.

The New York Times looks at how the company took its cues from its PR firm in the decision to remove Hurd.

Meanwhile, former Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has written a scathing email to the Times, calling Hurd’s dismissal “the worst personnel decision since the idiots on the Apple board fired Steve Jobs many years ago.”

What do you think?

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  1. Joe Nocera’s column in the New York Times on Saturday, August 14 offers additional perspective on this puzzling senior management change.

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