CompuSchmooze Video Podcast #5: New technologies are revolutionizing life for disabled people

A new class of assistive technologies are dramatically altering the way people with various disabilities are able to engage in their daily activities. The Pulse SmartPen, from Livescribe (, is one of these devices.

 LoriWithPulsePen Lori Katz, a learning specialist at the Joseph Sharp Elementary School in Cherry Hill (photo), has found the Pulse SmartPen to be particularly useful for her work with special education students in two ways. First, it allows her to record the interactions between her students, to assist her in producing status reports and in conducting conferences with parents. Secondly, it assists Katz in coping with a disability that she’s had to wrestle with personally- the onset of early Parkinson’s disease.

To read the complete CompuSchmooze article, visit the Jewish Community Voice of Southern New Jersey website.

You can now watch a video podcast including an interview with Lori Katz and a demonstration of the PulsePen. Just click on the player below:

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