Compuschmooze Video Interview: Israel Tech Sector Grieving Along with the Rest of the Country

In the wake of the horrific October 7 terrorist attack, the one thing that Israelis need most is to hear from friends and family elsewhere in the world, according to one technology industry executive.

The executive, Kendall Breitman, a community manager with Tel Aviv-based video recording company, spoke with LMC’s managing partner, Steve Lubetkin, for his monthly “Compuschmooze” column, which has appeared in the Jewish Community Voice of Southern New Jersey since 1996.

This month, the publication asked its columnists to focus on the impact of the October 7 terrorist massacres in Israel. Lubetkin’s Compuschmooze column focused on tech industry workers in Israel.

The column is based on this video interview. LMC and its subsidiary use the video platform to record many remote video interviews and panel discussions for clients and for the SBN news report.

“If you know anyone living here, I can’t tell you how helpful and impactful it’s been to even be contacted by people,” says Breitman. “It’s one thing to experience this, and then it’s another thing to kind of feel alone in your experience. So if you know anybody that’s been affected by this, I think reaching out to them is just baseline, like a really great thing to do, and it makes people feel seen and heard and loved. And that’s something that I feel like we’re a bit lacking right now.”

You can watch the interview with Kendall Breitman in the player below.

You can get information about making donations in Israel here. You can learn about relief organizations helping Israeli victims of terror and Palestinian victims of Hamas at this link.

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