CompuSchmooze Podcast #5: AIIM OnDemand Show

CompuSchmooze Podcast #5: AIIM OnDemand

Steve attended the AIIM OnDemand show in Philadelphia this week. It’s one of the largest shows devoted to the digital document management, printing, and publishing industry, and more than 20,000 people attended the show. This program offers a soundscape look at some of the technologies and trends being discussed at the AIIM OnDemand show.
Podcast Show Notes

0:00 to 2:58: Steve describes some of the activity on the exhibition floor. Pasadena Paper has a business card drawing for a pallet of paper. Steve decides NOT to enter the drawing. Kodak demonstrates high-volume, high-quality digital printing.
2:58 to 3:57 Steve introduces keynote address by Gary Kusin, president and CEO of FedEx Kinkos by describing the Pennsylvania Convention Center ballroom in the former Reading Terminal train station.
3:57 to 32:30: Gary Kusin‘s keynote address on “information logistics.”
32:30 to 37:22 Excerpts from the press conference “Declaration of Education,” where six manufacturers teamed up to create a digital print-on-demand environment on the show floor, creating 10,000 printed and bound books for donation to Philadelphia public school students.
37:22 to 44:13 Steve interviews AJ Hyland, president of Hyland Software, makers of OnBase, a document management environment that integrates paper-intensive environments in a digital way.
44:13 to 53:46 Steve interviews Andy Brand from SilkRoad Technology, maker of Eprise, a content management system that allows end-users to update websites and other content without the need for specialized knowledge or programming experience.
53:46 to 54:24 Steve signs off the show.

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