Compuschmooze Podcast #31: Net Tuesday, Social Media Use in Crises and Disasters

In this edition of the Compuschmooze podcast, we report on the March “Net Tuesday” meeting held in Philadelphia by Net Squared, a group that “enables social benefit organizations to leverage the tools of the social web.” At the March meeting, presenters discussed how social media tools are aiding volunteers and first responders in major international crises like the Haitian and Chilean earthquakes.

Read the Compuschmooze column from the Jewish Community Voice of Southern New Jersey.

Presenters were:

Dr. Lisl Zach, Ph.D, is an Assistant Professor at the College of Information Science and Technology at Drexel University, where  her primary research interests focus on the information-seeking behavior of decision makers and ways of identifying and preserving critical knowledge-based assets within organizations.

Dr. Zach’s web page

Thomas Heverin
Thomas Heverin

Thomas Heverin is a Ph.D. candidate at Drexel University. He is studying how Twitter was used during the search for the killer of four police officers in Lakewood, Washington, last fall.
Thomas Heverin’s Facebook page

Walter Svekla is a geographer with ImageCat Inc. He described how his company’s geographic information technology was used by volunteers and combined with satellite imaging from Google Earth to perform damage assessment on major structures in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince.
Walter Svekla’s LinkedIn Profile

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