CompuSchmooze Podcast #27: A Conversation with Bill Rush about FireKing's MediaVault HD fire-hardened backup drive system


Backup for important business data now can benefit from additional protection from fires, with the FireKing MediaVault HD fire-hardened backup drive.

MediaVault HD Underwriter’s Laboratories® has tested the MediaVaultHD container according to standard UL72 and approved the MediaVaultHD as a 1-hour Class 125 fire rated container. To pass this test, the container must not allow the internal temperature to rise above 125°F or relative humidy above 80% with an exterior temperature of 1700°F during the test. Only a Class 125 rated container will protect sensitive computer disks from a raging fire.

In this podcast, we have a conversation with MediaVault HD product manager Bill Rush about the features of this backup system. More information on the product is at

Download the podcast file here (20.9 mb stereo MP3 file, 00:15:10 length).

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