UPDATED 8/22/2012: Completion of Daf Yomi cycle recalls 2005 CompuSchmooze column and podcast

ShasPod LogoUpdate: We decided to use the August Compuschmooze column to update the available information about Talmud study materials on the web. You can read the column and check out the links we discovered at the Jewish Community Voice newspaper website.

With news that 90,000 Orthodox Jews gathered in Met Life Stadium in the Meadowlands to celebrate the Siyyum haShas, the completion of a seven year Daf Yomi cycle of Talmud study, we were reminded of one of our 2005 CompuSchmooze columns.

In that April 2005 column, we interviewed Yehuda Schmidman, who recognized the power of Apple’s iPod to expand opportunities for Talmud study by offering an iPod pre-loaded with shiurim, commentaries on the Talmud by a respected Talmud scholar.

We also produced one of our earliest podcasts from our interview with Schmidman, which you can revisit here in honor of the completion of the current Daf Yomi cycle.


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