Catholic-Jewish-Muslim Dialogue Group Condemns Terrorist Attacks in India

The Catholic-Jewish-Muslim dialogue group of Southern New Jersey issued the following statement today regarding the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India:

The attacks in India against innocent civilians demonstrate once again the horror and travesty of extremism, whether religious or political. As Christians, Muslims and Jews we recognize the sanctity of life, that all people regardless of their faith should be free from terror or fear, should be safe in their homes, in their religious centers and in their daily pursuits.

In addition to seeking out Americans and Britons, the terrorists specifically targeted Israelis and Jews, so often targets of religious extremists. In unity, the members of the Jewish-Catholic-Muslim Dialogue of So. NJ strongly condemns terrorism against all innocent civilians of whatever ethnic, religious or national identity. Our hopes and prayers go out for the safe recovery for all those missing, for return to health for those wounded, and for the memory of those many people of many backgrounds who died in the brutality of these attacks.

For more information, contact Alan Respler, executive director, Jewish Community Relations Council of Southern New Jersey, or (856) 673-2524.

Radio news directors: A wrapper report containing audio from Mr. Respler (REHSS pluhr) and from Zia Rahman (ZEE yah ROK mahn), managing director of the Muslim-American Society of Southern New Jersey, a co-chair of the Catholic-Jewish-Muslim dialogue, is available for your broadcast use at this link. The wrapper is 1:33 and has a standard outcue. The story is reported by Steve Lubetkin (loo BEHT kihn). For more information contact Steve Lubetkin at or 856-751-5491.

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