Canadian podcaster Donna Papacosta and Steve Lubetkin discuss their podcasting book, available now

Update, July 31: The Business of Podcasting is now available for instant download on the Amazon Kindle. Click here to order.

In this episode of the Trafcom News Podcast, produced by Toronto-based podcaster Donna Papacosta, Donna and Steve Lubetkin discuss the business of podcasting, which is the topic of their book, The Business of Podcasting: How to Take Your Podcasting Passion from the Personal to the Professional, which has now been published on the Amazon Kindle. You can purchase on the Kindle for instant download. A print version of the book is in the works and will be available soon.

Unlike other podcasting books that delve into the mechanics of creating a podcast, The Business of Podcasting tells you about the business side of the craft: the best business models for making money (realistically!), how to position clients’ expertise through podcasting, how to find clients, legal reviews, IT pushback, and much more. You can listen to the podcast in the player below, or visit Donna Papacosta’s Trafcom News Podcast site for more information.

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