Breaker 1-9

The conversation on Twitter this morning included a few references to amateur radio and Citizens Band Radio, which was the Twitter of the 1970s, for those of us, ahem, mature enough to remember.

And of course it made me remember this joke, which is way too long to tell in the 140 character limit of Twitter.

(Overheard CB radio conversation)

CB Operator: Breaker 1-9 for a 10-36?
Translation: can someone on channel 19 please tell me what time it is?

Response: Hey, guy, I’m not going to give you a 10-36 because if I give you a 10-36 then you’re going to ask me for my (10-)20 [my current location] and if I tell you my 20 you’re going to ask me for my home 20, and if I give you my home 20 you’re going to ask to have a coffee break at my home 20, and if you come to my home 20 for a coffee break you’re going to meet my sister, and if you meet my sister you’re going to want to date my sister, and I won’t have any son of a bitch date my sister who can’t afford to buy a wristwatch!

BA-dum ching!

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