‘Becoming the media’ is topic of Lubetkin article in Burlington County Chamber’s June newsletter

My article, “Becoming the Media,” appeared in the June 2013 issue of the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce’s Communicator newsletter. You can download a PDF of the article at this link: Becoming the Media – BCCOCCommunicatorJune2013

BCCOCCommunicatorJune2013_Page_01The article is an abbreviated version of the commentary on our website, “Creating Content Makes You More Visible,” which describes the key elements necessary for a successful content publishing strategy employing a robust WordPress-based website, high quality audio, video, and photographic content, and the use of social media networks to promote the content, not store it.

Many organizations are confused about the appropriate role of social media in their communications outreach.

For small businesses, the best way to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is not to store important content about your business there. Facebook claims ownership of everything you post there, and it’s not that easy to get content out after you put it inside Facebook’s walls.

You are much better off posting the content on a robust, publishing-oriented website that you control — and using the large audience-reaching capabilities of social media sites to let people know it’s there.

That’s why we encourage our clients to pursue the content strategy — telling their stories in sound and images, with regularly produced video and audio content, and photos. That’s the kind of content that gets you noticed when people are searching for solutions to their business problems.Let us help your company create memorable content that tells your stories effectively.


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