Because I said so: a guide to negotiating with children and grown-ups

Because I said so – A guide to negotiating with children and grown ups is laced with the authors’ stories and personal exploits as a parent and business coach giving the reader an insight into the mind of a professional negotiator. Many of the stories give a detailed blow by blow account of problems that professional negotiator Barry Elms has resolved in business and his family life showing the direct parallel between both business and personal negotiating skills. This book contains stories that are very personal in nature which adds to the authenticity of the messages and where appropriate includes humor to lighten the mood and entertain the reader. Most importantly this book is the authors’ attempt to give you, the reader, a legitimate game plan for negotiating practical solutions to all of life’s day to day challenges, whether they are with business associates, friends or family members. One word of caution, don’t let your children read this book unless you want them to be as good a negotiator as you are.

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