AIIM/OnDemand Show, Philadelphia – First Installment

Good morning all. Blogging from the press room at the AIIM/OnDemand Show in Philadelphia. It’s a three-day program for document image management mavens, and on-demand printers (AIIM stands for Association for Information and Image Management). We’ll try to give you some short takes during the next couple of days, and will write longer report for the column — and we’ll have some good photos and audio for the podcast.

Heard two interesting keynotes this morning, first, Bruce Chizen, CEO of Adobe Systems, who spoke about the changing landscape of printing and information. Interesting factoid was that people surveyed said 59% of the information that rains down around them every day was irrelevant to them…billions of emails, 23,000 new blogs every day, etc….irrelevant.

He showed those really cool, optimized-for-trade-show demos that work perfectly, including a site where Jaguar offers car buyers the opportunity to customize the features of a car and see its photo change before their eyes, color, styles, options, etc., and then create an offline printed brochure with the customizations intact.

Also had one of his people do an excellent demo of how an online mortgage application process should work, where you can link to online chat with a service rep, and even stop filling in the form online, download a PDF version for offline completion, and when you add info to the PDF, then go BACK online and the new data is grabbed into the online application and you can continue. The program also grabs data from your existing accounts and is linked to your cell phone to notify you when the application status changed…and the completed application is fully password protected and securely emailed.

Second speaker, Charles Pesko, Managing Director of InfoTrends, a consulting firm and part of the group that organized the conferences. He spoke about the “tornado” of change affecting color printing technologies, and how customized digital color printing is entering the mainstream in many companies. You’ll begin to see this in personalized, customized statements and newsletters that arrive from the companies you do business with.

More later. Canon has a press conference in about 10 minutes…so does Visioneer.

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