AIIM/OnDemand Show, Part 3

Had a busy morning, and the day continues…started out speaking about podcasting at the Jewish Business Network of Southern New Jersey, networking group of business owners that meets every other Wednesday at the Katz JCC in Cherry Hill. I reminded them about Malcolm Gladwell’s “mavens and connectors,” and the Cluetrain Manifesto — Markets are conversations. Pretty good reaction to business podcasting. By the way, take a look at Apple’s iTunes Music Store…the top 100 podcasts there by absolute downloads are mainly professionally produced media content by well-known brands like ABC News, NY Times, NPR, ESPN. Make your brand a trusted one and use professional production values in your podcasts and you will gather an audience.

Now, to the AIIM Show. This morning we met with Lotfi Bekhir, CEO of Kirtas Technologies, a company that’s developed hardware and software for high-volume digitization of bound, printed materials.

They have what looks like a Rube Goldberg device that uses air and vacuum suction to turn pages of books while two professional digital cameras mounted above the box take high-res images of the pages. Kirtas’ software can add metadata and even OCR the entire volume. Bekhir says the system can image a 300 page book in about 8 minutes. You’ll hear more from Bekhir in the podcast from the conference.

Last evening we ran into Cherry Hill media maven and America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Past Prexy (always wanted to call someone “prexy”) Howard Joffe (Howard, someone is trying to sell a 1980s KYW publicity photo of you on Yahoo! Auctions) at the press party for Safend, a Philadelphia-based Israeli company that is helping customers secure the leaky places where data exits a company, namely, the USB ports where people plug in thumbdrives and download reams of data. Safend’s software lets you secure the USB ports, drives, and other connections on your network so that they don’t work at all, or only work with authorized devices. We’ll have an interview with Safend in the podcast.

More later…off to the show floor!

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