AIIM/OnDemand Show, Part 2

Spent the morning at two press briefings, one for Canon, which has announced a whole new series of high-end commercial color printers. Individual announcements are at These printers are for high quality commercial operations, and Canon claims it has improved the toner technology so that when it is applied to the paper, it takes the look and feel of the paper’s surface, appearing more like offset printing than laser printing.

Second one was for Visioneer, which originated the desktop sheet-fed scanning technology that most people use. They announced new high-capacity “production” scanners for corporate environments that can scan up to 33 double-sided pages (66 images) per minute.

Also did an interview with Gadi Aharoni, CEO of a digital signature company called Algorithmic Research, which makes a product called CoSign. CoSign simplifies the implementation of digital signatures and helps streamline the workflow involved. More in the column and on the podcast.

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