We work with clients to shape a video or audio project. We won’t stop working on it until you are completely satisfied.

Many social media consultants will tell you that the “ethos” of the online social world allows you to produce amateurish videos with poor lighting and bad focus, and with bad quality sound that’s hard to hear.

We don’t believe that. We never did.

We see companies spending thousands of dollars to design a logo, print stationery and business cards, or marketing collateral, and then they try to produce video or photography on the cheap, with poor lighting, lousy sound, and they wonder why people don’t watch it.

If your team is receiving an award, why do you rely on an intern with a cell phone to shoot the photo you use with your press release? The lighting is bad, the people are out of focus, they are not properly composed in the frame, but you still proudly post these bad photos on your social media streams.

We produced this video for the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce — and it won a prestigious ASTRA Award from the New Jersey Communications, Advertising, and Marketing Association.

And the worldwide audience that downloads podcast content from major distribution portals like the Apple iTunes Music Store agrees with us.

They have voted clearly in favor of quality content by downloading radio and TV programs with professional production values like good cameras, quality audio, and excellent editing.

Why you don’t want amateurs producing your video

When we videotape a presentation that uses slides for speaker support, we don’t pan the camera from the speaker to the screen to show the slide, a common amateur technique.

We integrate high-resolution images created from the slide deck directly into the video so they are clear and visible for viewers of the recorded program.

We place our microphones as close as feasible to the speakers in your video. We don’t ever use the on-camera microphone except for capturing ambient sound on location.

If you want your radio and TV content to stand out on the Internet, you want our professional production approach.

The Sony HXR-NX70U high-definition camera. Professional Podcasts has acquired two of these cameras for enhanced quality productions for its clients.
The Sony HXR-NX70U high-definition camera. Professional Podcasts has acquired two of these cameras for enhanced quality productions for its clients.

Professional video equipment: We have two matched Sony HXR-NX70U broadcast quality HD video cameras, and two HDR-XR160 High Definition video cameras capable of 1080p resolution video.

We have two Sony VX1000 standard definition MiniDV cameras in our studio, an Ikan PT2000 professional teleprompter, and JVC BR-DV600U and Sony studio decks for transfer from MiniDV tape to our nonlinear editing system.

We use the latest version of Adobe Premiere and Audition, broadcast-level video studio editing software and leading edge sound enhancement software.

We can live stream up to four cameras over the Internet using our Roland V4-EX HD video switcher.

Roland V4-EX video switcher
Lubetkin Media Companies’ newly acquired Roland V4-EX video switcher. The unit can produce live broadcasts with up to four cameras for streaming over the Internet.

Professional voice over talent: We have years of experience in radio news anchoring, reporting, and broadcast production. We can provide a narrator voice for your documentary productions that will add professional polish to your presentation.

Professional audio equipment: We use broadcast quality digital audio recording equipment, including Tascam broadcast recorders and a Zoom R-24 recording deck capable of recording eight individual audio channels simultaneously, enough for every seminar panel speaker to have their own channel. We have professional mixers and microphones, including wireless microphones.

We can record in our studios or at your locations, office or conference center.

We can record interviews over the telephone or using the latest Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) technologies. VoIP recordings can sound as good as recordings made in the same studio location.

Professional support for script development: We have extensive experience in corporate communications, including more than 15 years in the financial services and commercial banking industries, so we understand complex business and financial topics well. We’ve written many scripts for senior executives and we can help you prepare yours.

You can also request a white paper about the equipment we use for audio and video podcasting.

If you want your radio and TV content to stand out on the Internet, you should want a professional production approach. You are hurting your brands with amateur video and photography.

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