2013 Founder Factory Conference Videos Produced by Professional Podcasts

For the fourth year, award-winning New Jersey event video producer Professional Podcasts (a division of The Lubetkin Media Companies), has produced seminar videos from Philly Startup Leaders‘ Founder Factory Conference, held November 21 at the World Café Live in Philadelphia. The seven videos produced at the conference can be streamed in the players below, or purchased as a DVD set in the Lubetkin Media Companies online store.

FounderFactory logoThe Founder Factory is an annual event created by Philly Startup Leaders to foster growth of an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, mentors, angel investors, venture capitalists, students, schools and government groups within the Philadelphia area. As a collaborative and engaging event, the Founder Factory helps to unleash Philadelphia’s entrepreneurial potential.


Video 1: Opening Remarks and First Panel
McCorkle1Brendan McCorkle, Founder Factory Chairperson





Davis1Ken Davis, Morgan Lewis





Nucci1Rick Nucci, Incoming PSL President





“When Does the CEO have to Start being THE CEO” – Transitioning Teams as You Scale
Bookspan1David Bookspan, Founder & Chairman, Monetate and Founding Partner, DreamIt Ventures





Bucci1Anthony Bucci, Co-Founder, RevZilla.com




Matt Kull, Co-Founder, RevZilla.com



Video 2: “Crossing the Chasm”  Finding Your Scaling Trajectory

Michael Krupit, Founder & Managing Partner, Trajectify






Video 3: “Accidental Entrepreneurship & a Case for Not Scaling”
Reynolds1Wil Reynolds, Founder, SEER Interactive





Video 4: “Scaling Sales & Buttoning Up” – Is Scaling to Sell to Enterprise the Right Decision & What Then?

McCorkleMoore1Brendan McCorkle, Founder & CEO, CloudMine
Bob Moore, CEO, RJ Metrics






Brodsky1Video 5: Keynote SpeakerJulian Brodsky, Co-Founder and Retired Vice Chairman, Comcast Corporation






Video 6: Lessons learned from Scaling – Hiring, Process, Culture & More
A Discussion Session between newer entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs

Sacco1Chuck Sacco, President, Allin Interactive Latin America, Panel Moderator





Kulzer1Tom Kulzer, Founder & CEO, AWeber Communications;





Baynes1Patrick Baynes, CoFounder, PeopleLinx





Stokar1Adam Stokar, Founder, ClubOS





Telyatnikov1Vadim Telyatnikov, Partner, Cvelto





BilzarianLaura Bilzarian, Founder, Teamable.me







Video 7: Closing Remarks

Nucci1Rick Nucci, Incoming PSL President





Cera1Chris Cera, Outgoing PSL President






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