Protecting your intellectual property online

January 29, 2013 0

In my January “CompuSchmooze” column in the Jewish Community Voice of Southern New Jersey, “Beware losing control of your photos when preserving them online,” I offer some strategies for protecting your photographs and other creative [Read more…]

Bloustein Head Shots 9-22-11
NAR Commercial

Rutgers Demographer James Hughes discusses New Jersey office space trends in latest Commercial Intelligence Briefing podcast for NAR Commercial

January 28, 2013 0

A recent Rutgers Regional Report, “Reinventing the New Jersey Economy: New Metropolitan and Regional Employment Dynamics,” authored by James W. Hughes, dean of Rutgers University’s Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, and Joseph J. Seneca, university professor and economist at the Bloustein School, examines [Read more…]

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